About Us

Personal Care Senior Living is a senior care provider headquartered at 1428 5th Avenue in Anoka, MN.

We proudly offer the highest personal care service to all of our guests with a one-on-one relationship. We offer the highest standards in care and our employees continue to set the bar for the upmost care. From our General Manager to all personal providers, we never stop finding ways to provide better care and better service. We know the importance for us to share time with our residents, which we feel helps provide our residents better health. From our staff meetings to our daily get-togethers, our goal is to provide the very best in service and care.

A Message from Personal Care Living Founder, Wade Tollefson

"My background is in Real Estate and in Development. A few years ago, I realized that my lifelong calling would be in helping others that have aged that may need some assistance and, in some cases, developed a memory deficiency.

I daily continue to learn as much as I can so that Personal Care Senior Living can give to our residents the very best in assisted care. It is my opinion that getting older is not the end of the road; rather it is an opportunity to explore options that are now available to them.

Please rest assured that all residents at Personal Care Senior Living will be treated with respect and with honesty—you have my word on it."

Our Mission and Vision


Personal Care Senior Living sets the standard for operating and care. Our location is designed for the very best for our residents and their families. We will always offer enhanced service and care to our residents. Together we can grow, live well and prosper.


Our vision is to see that, for our residents, aging is a gift that should be embraced. We know and understand the needs of our residents and it is our vision to never forget how important our personal care is to them. This approach provides a guide to every decision made at Personal Care. We will always remain committed to the very best in care and with service.  Every day, every hour, every minute, we put the person in personal care.

We Are a People First Company

We work closely with all co-workers, residents, family, friends, and the communities we are in. We know the importance of our personal care.

Respect and Honesty

We set the standard in the industry in integrity and honesty. Our daily actions show all the residents the importance of how everyone should be treated and with a high degree of respect

We Invest in our People

We understand the importance of having only qualified professional care representatives. We strive daily to hire only the best and then improve from there.

We Listen

We are constantly working with and listening to professional providers trying to constantly be improving our service. We as the people that are the most important – our residents as to any changes they would prefer. We of course, listen to all family members as to what they would like us to do individually.

Contact Us

Personal Care Senior Living has several locations throughout the Twin Cities:

14209 Inca St. NW
Andover, MN 55304

525 Cutter Street
Anoka, MN 55303

3850 Jefferson St. NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

ST. MICHAEL (Coming Soon!)